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From: Luiza Alvarez – Brazil

Nicole, I wish all the happiness in the world to you and to make more and more success! I thank God every day for you existence and make me happy when I hear your voice!! Proud to be Nicfan! I love you so much and I will always love you no matter what happens <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

From: Leandro De Jesus – Brazil

Nicole, I hope that God will continue always with you and you keep being always the same person, fighting for their dreams and bring to life amenjena of your fans.

From: Kaliany Soares - Brazil

Happy Birthday Nick!
Wish you have many years of life ahead, success, love, happiness and health. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. KISSES FROM YOUR BRAZILIAN FAN!!

From: Madalina – Romania

NICOLE  may today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love! Surely a
star danced in Heaven on the day you were born. Happy Birthday from someone who
loves you!! And remember… you're not getting older, you're getting better!!!!

From: Laisa Rodrigues Olegario - Brazil

Nicole, I wish you all the happiness in the world. May God protect you always. Congratulations on your day. I love you so much.

From: Layze Sales - Brazil

I want to wish you the best wishes, Nicole and say that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I always will love you. Also I wish you reach all your dreams as I hope realize my dream to meet you. Kisses, I love you.

From: Joan - Greece.

HARRY BIRTHDAY NICOLE my name is Joan from Rhodes in Greece..
I wish for you  all the best in your life be always cheerful and happy and have people who love you next to you,
I love you very much..
God Bless you...!

From: Maria – Russia

Nicole, I wish you much happiness and success in your solo сareer.Your music is amazing!Thank you for your love and warmth to the fans! You're forever in my heart,I love you!

Happy Birthday, sweetie!


From: Nara Lis – Brazil

Dear, Nicole…I love you, not even knowing! May God bless you not only to the whole family! Have you an Abundant Life, and always happy!
Congratulations for this year! You still have many birthdays like that! Increase their success every time!

From: Nathalia Martins - Brazil

33 years old of health and sucess. What an energy, Nicole Scherzinger! It's really gratifying to me having you as my idol. Happy Birthday, my Diva! I wish you all the happiness and love you deserve. And today, in such a wonderful day, use the time to enjoy those most beautiful things that make you happy. Love you Diva!

From: Willy Schreiter - Germany

Nicole, I want to thank you for all the great music you have given us over the last years. I wish you all the happiness and best in the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICOLE and much LOVE from one of your biggest fans from Germany

From: Marlon Henrique Salvador Debossan – Brazil

Nicole, happy birthday. May God bless your life always, enlighten your paths and your career. I wish you all the success, peace and health; the birthday is yours but the gift is ours, your fans, just because you fill us with pride for being an inspiring idol. Brazil loves you, Nicole, we have a Killer Love for you. Best wishes <33

From: Azra Mesanovic - Bosnia

Nicole you are my inspiration. You're songs always make me strong. I hope you know how much you and your music means to me. I wish you all the happiness in the world and that all your dreams and wishes come true. I want you to know that I love you and admire you a lot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE!!!

From: Aditya Gopaul - Port-Louis

Nicole I wish that you will get all you want in your life like success, I hope that you will be always famous and be in your fans heart so keep on singing with beautiful music.
May this beautiful day cherish your life on your birthday. I admire your work, style,songs, and your beautiful smile keep on rocking Nicole. I know that you are the best and
you will always be the best,nobody can be the best like you! Happy birthday Nicole.

From: Rudá Couto - Brazil

Every world or music which comes out from your mouth feed my dreams, because of you I learned that love and faith should walk together, so I wish you the best, all the perfect things to an amazing, talent, beautiful person, an angel to your fans. I simply love you, Nicole!

From: Mikael de Melo – Brazil

I mean that you are the person I most desire, love. And I wish all the happiness in the world to you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and that's the best day of your life.

From: Matheus Alves - Brazil

Nicole, Happy Birthday.
All the best to you, I wish you all the happiness in the world. Wish you reach all your goals. I really admire your work, your musics, your voice, performances, compositions. Everything you do.

When I'm feeling sad, weak I put Killer Love and all of sudden my sadness gone, a great medicine to combat stress is listen to your voice *-* A sweet and powerful voice that makes you forget your problems very quickly.

You are my baby Love

From: Jullyssan Delmaz De Moura – Brazil

Nicole, congratulations on your day, but you gonna have so many more like this one. That's why I'm here saying to you how I'm your fan and how I support you since the first time I heard your music and knew who you were.
Thank you for everything!
Kisses and Happy Birthday!

From: Gustavo Oliveira - Brazil

Today is a special day to you and to me my dear Nicole Scherzinger . I can't find words to say how much I love U my girl. So Happy birthday and never forget that I'm say with you forever


From: Rafaela Dmi – Brazil

Nii, you're the most inspiring person I know. Everyone wants be like you, beautiful, and with talent to sing and dance! And in this special day, despite you're being old, you're even more beautiful. We, your brazilians fans, wish you ALL the best things, success and wish you can keep being this beautiful woman everyone admires so much. I inspire me in you, your musics let me happy and your new album R-O-C-K-E-D!
We love you so much, never forget that you're beautiful and so many people admires you because of your simpathy, talent and beauty.

From: Renan Peixoto - Brazil

Hey Nicole! Happy Birthday, angel... You deserve be the happiest person in the world today...
Know why? Because you are very talented, beautiful and pretty special for all of us. We love U, baby!

From: Diego Belmiro - Brazil

Nicole i wanna say i love you so much,and i wish all your dreams be realized,cuz you deserves THE BEST OF EVERYTHING. THE BRAZIL LOVE'S U (L) HAPPY BDAY.

From: Karina Lopes – Brazil

Nicole I wanna wish you all the happiness and even more success in your life. In this special day we fans wanna you to know that we will be with you wherever you go. You're so special to us, you're our light and our inspiration.
Happy birthday, my DIVA

From: Fernanda Mello - Brazil

Sweetheart, happy birthday! I wish that one more year of your life be full of happiness and success. I wanna you to know that your musics inspire me. Love you.

From: Amanda Aléscio - Brazil

33 years ago was born a super star. Someone who has fans all over the world enchanted by your charisma, beauty and talent. Happy Bday Nic, I love you so much and I hope this day is being special as you deserve!

From: Roger Fernandes – Brazil

Cheers, all the best to you, my DIVA!

From: Karine Roberts - Brazil

I wish you a year full of love and joy.
A birthday is having the opportunity to make new friends, help many more people, learn and teach new lessons, live another pains and tolerate old problems. A special moment of renovations to your soul and spirit, because God, in his infinity wisdom, gave the nature, the ability to blossom with each new season and we have the ability to start over and over again. Nicole, you'll always be in our heart, because God gave you the truly wisdom to be SPECIAL. Love you

From: Guilherme Afonso da Silva -  Brazil

Nicole I kill and die for you
I already fought for you
I already cried for you
My love for you is bigger than everything.
Love you, happy birthday.
Peace, health and success.

From: Natasha - Canada

To Nicole on your birthday, i wish you much happiness and love on your special
day! I also want to congratulate
you on you amazing album "Killer Love" your songs are sooo inspiring and can 
relate to many people live's. Your such a wonderful role model and your very beautiful, i wish you much luck and success to come!

From: Shivani - England

Happy Birthday Nicole!
Hope you have the most amazing day in whatever you do and that you get everything you have ever wished for. Your amazing and you deserve more than the best!
Good Luck with your Xfactor job i cannot wait to see you on TV and I hope to see you on tour as its going to be KILLER! Hope to meet you one day.

From: Thassia Yasmin – Brazil

Hello, Nic! first happy birthday !!!!! I really just want to thank this opportunity to tell you I love you too much ... I admire your beauty, your voice, finally, your talent! Even your boyfriend .. hehe. I'm sure you're on your way, your songsare awesome, I feel powerful listening to them ... and I'm addicted to "Right There" ... well .. it seems like I'm talking to you personally .. I hope you read this testimony. No more... kisses.

From: Yana - Russia

Dear Nicole,
 Hi, my name is Yana Nadsadina. I from Russia, republic Bashkortostan, Ufa. Happy birthday my dear. I love you very much. I wish to you successes, good luck and the big love with Lewis.  Also i wish to your career growth, the big achievements in musical career. You are the best.
You are very dear to me. I love you very much. You are my idol and ideal. I want to be similar to you, Nicole. I want to see you very much. It is my biggest dream. 5 years ago I have seen you on the TV, and I have understood that you the person who inspires me.
You are my favourite singer. You are very talented, hardworking and lovely. Every day I listen to your songs. I am crazy about them.. I would give everything, that to see you ever. I’m sure it’ll be ever.
With love

From: Massimiliano Fares – Italy

Hau'oli la hanau my sweetest Angel Nicole, remember i will love and support u forever u will always count on me, u are part of my life

From: Jheyne Tolentino – Brazil

Nicole, in this special day, we, the fans, wanna show you our affection in a few words, wanna show you how much you're important in our lifes and how much we learned with you. You taught us more than what life can do. We learned to never stop in front of life's walls, learned to fight for your dreams and that nothing in the world is impossible if you truly want.
You're an example of woman I wanna follow, I hope one day being a half that what you are, because you're my heroine.
Happy Birthday, Diva

From: Mariana – Portugal

Nicole, i just love you. I love your voice, your personality, your kindness.
You're my IDOL. I love to sing and you're my inspiration, and I hope that one day I can sing like you.
I wish you a happy birthay, and I hope you'll be with your friends and family on this very important day.

From: Milan Milutinovic - Sérvia

Nicole happy birthday, I wish you all the best, let us be so beautiful and1,000,000,000,000,000,000 years, here's a little message from my heart for you. 
May your smile on the face of an obstacle to every evil in the heart love you forever burning letyou fulfill all the wishes and dreams, you want someone 
who truly loves you: Happy Birthday!  
  I hope it is enough what I wrote Serbia 
Milan Milutinovic of the heart

From: Bayern / Germany

First of all no word can say or show how much I love you ... my love is endless .. u are my idol since Dont cha :) everythink u do - say is adorable ... u my superhero my role model my inspiration my world looks better with you <3
I have Lİke 30 Posters of u in my room :D the album pcd - doll dominatıon- her name is nicole- killer love when I joined twitter last year for the first time u was the person I followed <3 and I pray everyday that u follow or reply me back ...
I'm 19 but I wanna be exacly like you <3 Words cannot explain how much I love you <3
ur voice ur face ur style everythink, U ARE ADORABLE... u my 1 and only <3 no one can love  u like I do <3 when u cry I cry when u laugh I laught ... u are the proof that God Sends Angel in Human Form <3 Killer love is the hit <3 speacialy right here poison and wet ... <3 ur video right here make me cry u are absolutly adorable / amazing/ awesome... Happy Birthday!

From: Anderson Cruz - Brazil

Hey Nicole, im here to wish you the happiest birthday ever.
I wanna remind you what a SPECIAL day your birthday is. Since the
day you were born, you have made everyone in your life very happy!
Your fans (like me, of course) are even more proud of you, you
deserve everything of the best in your life, because you're so amazing.
Birthdays come only once a year, so make sure to enjoy it and have lots of fun! Happy Birthday Nicole!

From: Henrique Moraes - Brazil

Nicole, I wanna wish you happy birthday. You are a big example of life, you are amazing! I wish you sucess, peace, love and health. Remember always that your brazilian fans are with you. It's just one more year, for a big and strong woman!

From: Mehdi Bahmad

Happy birthday Nicole!!! You were, you are and you will always be my inspiration, my source of light and the reason of my smile, my joy. I will send you a personal gift once it'll be ready, just be patient! ;) Sending you some killer love! <3

From: Tarcisio Luiz - Brazil

Happy Birthday Nicole, I wish you many years of life, happiness, health, joy, achievements and accomplishments. I love you very much, come to Brazil. May God bless you.